The Recipaedia is an in-game menu that gives you descriptions and recipes for all available objects (blocks and items) in the game. All objects are separated into categories. Each category will show a list that you can choose from to get information on that object. Unobtainable blocks and items are not included in the recipaedia

How to get to the recipediaEdit

To access the recipaedia in-game, open the icon bar at the top right of the screen. Then tap the 'help' icon - the question mark. The following screen can be accessed directly from the main screen with the HELP button. At the bottom of the help screen will be a button for the recipaedia, tap on this to bring up the recipaedia

Using the recipediaEdit

At the top of the recipaedia screen there is the  dart on the left and the category selection bar in the center, with two more darts. These two darts let you choose the category to view, while the current category name is displayed in the middle. The main part of the window shows the list of objects in this category. Tap on one to select it. You can scroll the list up or down with the scroll bar on the right. Once you have selected an object, the buttons at the bottom of the screen will activate if appropriate. Touching these buttons will show you the description of this object or any recipes for it. The two dart buttons take you from block to block. These will scroll through all objects listed under this category.The main part of the screen shows the description for the chosen object. If it's a long description, you can swipe the text up to show more. The bottom shows a list of important values for this object. This can be swiped if it's a long list, too

Items that have more than one recipe are considered as duel recipes. There is another set of darts that let you scroll through the several recipes for this item

After you are finished looking through the information, tap the top-left dart to back-up out of the recipaedia

History (Version 1.1 - current)Edit

  • 1.1 - Recipedia is added to the game
  • 1.7 - Recipedia is now available in all situations
  • 1.25 - Recipedia now tells you how many blocks are in each category Texture packs do not affect the images in the recipaedia
  • 1.26 - Added Clothing category
  • 1.27 - Added Construction category. Removed Resources and Weapons categories. Recategorized many items. Renamed Clothing to Clothes


  • Any kind of block that isn't in the inventory isn't in the recipedia. The blocks include: Fire, Spawner eggs for rare animals, etc
  • Items shown are only in creative mode, and can be crafted if you have the right ingredients (fire, spawner eggs for rare animals, etc are unavailable)