A substance is a family, and the resources that belong to substances are sulphursaltpetercoal & gunpowder. Even matches


Sulphur is a substance, and can be used to make more substances like gunpowder or matches. sulphur is also in sulphur ore, which is in basalt rock. Gunpowder can be made by using this substance, along with saltpeter & coal


Saltpeter is a substance that will spread saltpeter crumbs. This happens when you try to throw saltpeter on a top surface. Unlike all other substances, saltpeter is the ONLY substance that spreads crumbs, when you throw it by throwing it on the top. It is called placing. It breaks when placed, and makes a terrain digging sound. Saltpeter ore is also the ONLY type of ore that is IN sandstone rock instead of granite or basalt


Coal is a substance, and is a fuel. The fuel value for coal is 80, and it is also the ONLY substance that can be made from Coal chunks to one big block, which lasts longer, and burns for a very long time when set on fire in the open with a match. Coal blocks can also be made to last longer. It's fuel value is 600 instead of 80, which is 520 times longer than coal chunks, which their fuel value is 80


Gunpowder is a substance that can explode immediatley when thrown in magma. It's fuel value is 10, and it it's explosive power is 60. It can be used to make explosives, such as gunpowder kegs & bombs. It is also the ONLY substance that explodes when THROWN RIGHT IN magma