Description (From Recipedia)Edit

Bucket is a container made of copper and used to carry fluids, such as water, magma or milk. Bucket can be filled with the fluid at a source block and transported to a different location, where the source block can be placed to start a new body of fluid. You cannot fill the bucket from a non-source block


The water bucket is a bucket that has been filled with water, which can be used to pour bodies of water, or swimming pools. It can also be used to make food in furnace


  • The water bucket is used to transport a source block of water. The water can be used to:
  • create new bodies of water such as a swimming pool or a pond. You should use several water buckets for this.
  • hydrate soil for planting and growing crops - see farming page
  • create flowing water to clear ground of all plants (and many other blocks)
  • create a column of water to use as an elevator


  • Water bucket is stackable to 40, but ONLY in the inventory. You can ONLY stack 1 in the hotbar.
  • Any block that is NOT a fluid blocker (stairs, fences, etc.) will 'pop' if water flows onto them. This means you can destroy a lot of work unless you're careful when placing the water.
  • If you have a water bucket in your hand, doors and chests will NOT open. Instead of opening the door, you will place the water ON the door and this will make the door pop off!
  • The water in the buckets are animated.
  • They were added in the 1.8 update.

Other notesEdit

  • Water buckets can be used to boil certain foods, such as eggs & flour
  • Water buckets can destroy ANY block that is NOT a water blocker (this includes stairs, slabs, etc)
  • Water buckets can also be used to make water supplies