Hello, We would like to welcome you to the survivalcraft wikia! You can do what you want, but not everything is right. These rules will help keep this wikia in order

Here is what you must readEdit

Please read these community guidelines at community central, because wikia also has rules on here that must be agreed by every visitor of this wiki. Please read these rules carefuly and remember them as best as you can! Also, nobody under 13 is allowed on this wiki, and no one between the ages 13 and 16 is allowed on this wiki without permission from a legal parent or guardian, and users between the ages 16 and 21 must have such permission on this wiki

Swearing is not permitted on here, and you also cannot use ###, *** or !$@ as substitutes as swear words either, and you also cannot use spaces for them either!

These are the rulesEdit

  1. This wikia doesn't tolerate sexual content. If you find content of that type, notify an admin about it. Don't be afraid to report bocco 123 or ImfamousLaila. It is very protective that we keep this wikia in order
  2. We do not tolerate spam. Do not on someone's talk page. Post them on the wanted features page. We are also not the creators of the game. If you truely want something added in the game, see kaalus's blog
  3. Do not spam on articles. That includes posting offsite links, saying stuff repeatedly, posting short comments and repeatedly posting comments and replies
  4. Do not make blank pages, because that violates wikia's compatibility guidelines, and it also violates federal guidelines
  5. Do not post violence anywhere. That is considered as severe vandolism to federal guidelines
  6. Before creating a page, Please make sure it isn't something that is already added and be sure you get permission from Boccozachary*, Zach or Laila, even if you're either registered or unregistered
  7. Annoymous users must make an account before they can edit articles, unless they belong to a friend of our group
  8. Never edit a user's talk page or profile, because that is considered as severe vandalism. If you find inappropriate content, notify an admin
  9. Never change someone's username, because that is also considered as severe vandalism, and could get you banned from the community
  10. Respect copyright. Do not post a picture or video without the owner's permission. Only post a picture or video that is not yet created

  • These users are not admins, but can decide if the page you propose belongs as an actual page, blog post, forum post, etc

Copyright ProtectionEdit

Content that violates copyright will be deleted, and that includes pictures and videos, and all media must be claimed yours. Click here to learn more about copyright


Prolocked Full Protection

This page is fully protected. Any user that edits this page will be blocked from editing